Right now it’s more important than ever to have a healthy respiratory and immune system.  We have put together a group of herbal remedies designed to increase the circulation in the lungs and stimulate lymphatic drainage.  Additionally, we have added a proteolytic enzyme combination that will help boost the immune system and help restore tissues.

Together this group of supplements can help your boost lungs and immune system health and help to maintain overall health.  These herbal remedies are produced by Marco Pharma from German remedies which have been used for decades. 

Respiratory Boost

  • Because these herbal remedies are very potent, they may interfere with certain medications or may be contraindicated in certain instances a doctor consultation is required before this purchase can be completed.  After your online purchase is complete you will be contacted by our office before the end of the next business day where you will be sent a questionnaire that must be filed out and returned to our office.  You will then receive a telephone call from our office which will include a consultation with Dr. Cunningham to discuss any drug interactions, known contraindications, and to answer questions you might have.